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The Dragon Who Devoured the Moon (2015)

THE DRAGON WHO DEVOURED THE MOON is a love letter to the narratives of nerd mythos, Blackness and exploration that pays homage to its Jazz Hop and soul influences. As the first project by artist VAGABOND MAURICE, it serves as both catharsis and a promise to continue and develop the work of its predecessors.

Recorded & Mixed at Sound Perfection Studios
Artwork by The Kao

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Watching Icarus Fly (2016)

Following the release of Vagabond Maurice’s debut project – The Dragon Who Devoured the Moon – WATCHING ICARUS FLY continues to explore and expand upon the narratives of nerd mythos and Afro-futurism while paying homage to his Jazz Hop and soul influences. Nostalgia laced rhymes create the framework of catharsis over atmospheric instrumentals helmed by Chinsaku, which manifests a new path for Vagabond Maurice to tread on. Join the journey; the vanguard is on the move.

Artwork by The Kao
Additional Production by Blosome
Recorded at The Audio Office and Sound Perfection Studios
Mixed /Mastered by Tripz Traxx and Sdot Pdot

A Garden at the End of the World (2018)

A meditation on life, self love and the five practices for nurturing happiness, A Garden at the End of the World is the third album by lyricist VAGABOND MAURICE, which arrives from the foundation of his last two projects – The Dragon Who Devoured the Moon and Watching Icarus Fly. An autumn inspired framework that encapsulates Vagabond Maurice’s current state of being, he returns to form penning reflective rhymes over dream-like Jazz Hop instrumentals executive produced by Brad Kemp(with additional production by Emperor Bohe, Manny Beats and a wealth of musicians). Offering a new sense of clarity in his work, Vagabond Maurice continues to move forward, striving to inspire and recognize the happiness surrounding all.

Artwork by The Kao
Recorded & Mixed at Second Bedroom Studio